Mei Kui Hwa is a trusted food processor and food distributor brand in Indonesia since 2010. As is known, Mei Kui Hwa supplies not only households but also cafes, restaurants, and hotels throughout Indonesia. Mei Kui Hwa also imports and exports products to several countries in Asia. And to meet market needs, Mei Kui Hwa also distributes food products from famous brands such as Melvin, Delifinn, and SMF.

Our brand Mei Kui Hwa specializes in canned foods including vegetables, fruits, fish and meat. Not only canned food, but Mei Kui Hwa also offers dried foods like mushrooms, tuberose flowers and more. Also, Mei Kui Hwa offers staples food such as flour, vermicelli, sugar, and wheat.

Mei Kui Hwa always wants to continue to grow and develop by adding variations or other products depending on market demand.

Mei Kui Hwa
First Grade Quality Guaranteed

Mei Kui Hwa always guarantee the quality of each product as it always chooses the top quality selection products.

Mei Kui Hwa
Well Processed

The quality of Mei Kui Hwa products is maintained because it is processed with modern technology.

Mei Kui Hwa
Many variations

Mei Kui Hwa have many variations products according to market needs

Mei Kui Hwa
BPOM Certified

All of Mei Kui Hwa products have BPOM certificates so they are safe for consumption.